Wednesday, December 22nd, 2021

Winterizing Your Work Truck

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Staying safe on the road this season.

In some regions, winter weather conditions can change within seconds, so you have to be ready for any situation at a moment’s notice. Taking the right steps to prepare for winter will help keep you and your crews safe, while keeping your work vehicles stay well-maintained. It also decreases maintenance costs while making for a more comfortable ride over the next few months.

Traffic Management, Inc. (TMI®) is “Serious About Safety” year-round. Check out these tips to help winterize your work truck and keep you safe on the road during inclement weather:

1. Inspect The Vehicle Battery
2. Examine Windshield & Wiper Blades
3. Install Engine Heater (In Extreme Cold Conditions)
4. Check Water Separator & Fuel Filter
5. Make Sure The Heater & Defroster Is Working Properly
6. Use Cold Weather Fuel Additives
7. Use The Correct Mix of Antifreeze In The Cooling System
8. Consider Winter Tires & Carry Chains
9 Check Weather Forecasts Before Traveling
10. Pack an Emergency Kit

The final piece of advice is to know your limits on the road. Never feel pressured to continue when conditions are unsafe. When in doubt, pull over and find a safe parking spot until the weather clears.

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