Tuesday, March 17th, 2020
TMI Innovates Best Practices For Health, Safety During COVID-19
As leaders of the industry, Traffic Management, Inc. (TMI) is dedicated to staying ahead of the COVID-19 Pandemic. In addition to rolling out a national Intensive Hygiene routine and mandating social distancing, TMI is committed to continually improving best practices to ensure that our customers and the public receive the best quality care in safety that we are known for. Over the last 3 weeks, we have implemented the following processes and protocols: Employee Resources and Education - Wellness Hotline TMI immediately established a Wellness Hotline staffed with professionals that guide employees and provide assistance to those that may be feeling ill or have been impacted in any way by COVID-19. There is both a Wellness Hotline email and phone number staffed 24/7. Zero Tolerance Policies As circumstances around the COVID-19 Pandemic evolve, TMI is continually implementing various on-going Zero Tolerance Policies for all employees in the field. This includes: • Intensive hygiene routine for wiping down fleet vehicles and office spaces • Waving ‘hello’ instead of shaking hands • Wearing face coverings in the field • Practicing social distancing with everyone – including fellow coworkers, customers and the public Under the Zero Tolerance Policy, employees are not permitted to work if they show any sign of COVID-19 symptoms or have knowledge of any possible exposure. They are asked to call or email TMI’s established Wellness Hotline should they have any concern regarding COVID-19. “We value everyone's health and safety above all,” TMI’s Executive Team says. “That is why these procedures are enforced with zero tolerance for non-compliance. Let’s keep everyone safe and healthy and do our part in this pandemic.” One Truck - One TC Taking social distancing to the next level, TMI has implemented One Truck - One TC at all locations, when available. When a two-person crew is requested, we send out each crew member with their own truck, when possible, to avoid shared space. Touchless Signature Through prioritizing technology development, TMI has created a new innovative hands-free document signing solution for use out in the field. Rather than having the onsite foreman or subcontractor sign the generated work receipt on a TMI iPad, this new signing system sends the receipt through an email or SMS text message to both the onsite contact and the customer contact in-office. Either party can then access the unique and secure system to sign digitally and receive a receipt on their own device, thus protecting both without breaching the 6-foot social distancing protocol. Unlike external e-signature services like Docusign, TMI’s new system was built in-house, which allows customers to access their receipts without having to log into another service. “We saw this as a great opportunity to build something with a long-lasting safety impact,” TMI Co-Founder, President and COO Jonathan Spano says. “Any chance we find to make it easier or safer for our staff and customers, we’re going to take it.” Essential Business Identification TMI provides an essential service to our customers. In response to the state-wide Essential Business mandate, TMI has issued personalized identification badges to each of our traffic controllers and updated every single fleet vehicle with a decal indicating as such. This both serves our commitment to clear communication and ensures that all of our traffic controllers will be able to show up to job site locations without any issues. Commitment to Transparency TMI values honesty and integrity at the highest levels. We communicate and act quickly when any questionable reports are shared to ensure the health and wellbeing of our customers and the public. We have established safeguards and protocols in the way we communicate any risks or possible exposures to the virus. Implementing these processes without hesitation has allowed our services to be uninterrupted with no impact to our customers production or well being. We are proud to be your safety partner. As a company that is “Serious About Safety,” we will continue to create ways to simplify daily tasks and improve communications. As new solutions are rolled out, we will keep you posted. Sincerely, Christopher Spano Jonathan Spano Co-Founder Co-Founder Chairman of the Board President & COO