Thursday, August 6th, 2020

TMI Welcomes the ‘New Normal,’ Advances in Heat Safety & Technology

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In a world that is ever-changing, Traffic Management, Inc. (TMI) will always be Serious About Safety. While TMI is continually updating company guidelines, we are also innovating the way our highly trained Traffic Controllers (TCs) conduct work in the field by promoting heat safety and updating proprietary technologies.

The ‘New Normal’
As businesses continue to open, TMI is proactively seeking best practices to keep Branch locations and Headquarters’ doors open as much as necessary while maintaining business as usual. As leaders in safety, we strive to continuously stay ahead of the curve. As TCs continue to wear masks working in the field, we have also developed a series of protocol for office employees:

• Rigorous hygiene and face masks
• Daily health screens
• Rotating schedules to maintain social distancing

Additionally – all visitors are required to wear masks when entering the building and are only permitted to enter TMI’s Lobby and/or restroom area between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.

TMI believes that our customers’ health and safety is just as important as ensuring business runs as smoothly as possible. All of our COVID-19 policies are easily adaptable to any specific requirements our customers may have.

“The ‘New Normal’ is an extra layer of safety in everything we do,” TMI’s Executive Team says. “Above all else, we prioritize the safety of our customers, employees and the communities we serve.”

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In an effort to innovate the industry, TMI values technology as a tool to further develop our well-known safety standards. We are committed to making the on-site process as seamless as possible for both our customers and our employees. That is why we are excited to announce that TMI’s secure technology – TC Mobile – will be soon receiving a favorable update to help facilitate:

• Various User Friendly Interfaces
• Improved Delivery and Organization of Information
• Precise Location of Jobs Sites

By continuing to develop our technology, we are able to adapt safely and efficiently serve all of our customers, no matter how the world continues to change.

Heat Safety
Preparing for perhaps our busiest season, TMI has enacted a series of heat safety guidelines for our TCs, including:

• Reintroducing our Cooling Towels program for the second year in a row
• Providing electrolyte packets to all TCs to help prevent dehydration on the job
• Development of breathable fabrics in our uniforms
• Encouraging TCs to wear water wicking clothing under their uniforms
• “Floater TCs” to relieve TCs that have been out in the heat for extended periods

TMI has established and updated various safeguards and protocols in the past several months to eliminate as much risk in the field as possible. Actively implementing these processes allows our services to continue with no impact to our valued customers. As a company that is Serious About Safety, we will continue to innovate best practices for the communities we serve.

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