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TMI University’s At-Your-Own-Pace GED Program: “A wake-up call”

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TMI University’s At-Your-Own-Pace GED Program: “A wake-up call”

Traffic Controller’s Journey to Achieve his Dreams Through Hard Work & Determination

Joan says he was your average student. He went to school each day, and got ‘pretty good’ grades. But his interest was really in the police explorer program, where he spent quite a bit of time as a young man, intent on becoming a policeman after High School graduation.

But, Graduation never arrived for Joan, and as a diploma is a requirement for any new officer, he was eliminated as a candidate.

“I know I’m not stupid,” Joan explained. “I don’t understand why I didn’t graduate. I never thought I was going to be that person. But, we all make mistakes as young adults.”

On December 11th, five years after he was supposed to graduate, Joan earned his GED while working as a traffic controller at TMI’s Long Beach branch.

TMI gets it… life gets messy. That’s why the GED Program was created for any eligible employee. It is in our company’s core values to ‘...believe in people and their dreams,” including Joan’s.

“Take advantage of this program – it’s great!” Joan says. “The practice tests really help you see that you are ready for the real test. TMI cares for us and wants us to do good in life. If you didn’t get your diploma, don’t be discouraged from pursuing a career.”

TMI University has partnered with GEDWorks to provide a program that offers online study material, practice tests and access to academic advisors. Each of the core GED tests are highly flexible and can be scheduled around participants’ schedules.

“Hearing about this program was a wake-up call,” Joan says. “Taking the last test felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I have to admit it, I teared up a bit.”

Joan had a support team in his family and girlfriend by his side cheering him on, but it was his determination that led him to quick success. He says that English was never his best subject in school, yet he found himself blazing through the course work. It wasn’t long before Joan was able to pass each of the four GED tests with flying colors – completing the course in a record-breaking 5 weeks.

“We all have our own paths in life, but having this GED certificate really helps,” Joan says.

With this incredible achievement accomplished, Joan is excited to see what new doors will open for him. He has set his sights once again on becoming a Police Officer and joining two of his brothers and some friends in law enforcement.

With his proven determination, what’s to stop him?

Partnering with GEDWorks, TMI's GED Program offers online study material, practice tests, access to academic advisors and course materials in both Spanish and English. At no cost to participants, this finish-at-your-own-pace program is available for any TMI employees at any level who have been with the company for at least 90 days.

TMI wishes good luck to all participants. Are you a TMI Employee who is interested in applying for the program? Talk to your supervisor today or visit


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