Thursday, September 8th, 2022

TMI Employee Rescues Baby From Hot Summer Car Near Ventura, CA

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Traffic Controller acts fast to save a mother’s baby that was accidentally locked inside.

A traffic controller working near a local recreation area by the beach in Carpinteria, CA recently leapt into action as he heard the cries of a frantic mother seeking help for her baby. The Traffic Controller, from Traffic Management, Inc. (TMI®)’s Ventura, CA Branch, responded to her pleas to get her baby out of a locked car in the parking lot.

“The Traffic Controller’s dedication to keeping his community safe may have saved a life,” TMI Executive Management stated. “Without his quick thinking, things could have gotten scary, fast. We are proud that he not only went above and beyond on the job, but continues to maintain TMI’s culture of safety in an emergency and his everyday life.”

Though 911 was called, minutes were ticking by and the baby continued to cry. TMI’s traffic controllers are extensively trained in heat safety. The TMI employee on the scene knew that within 10 minutes, a car can heat up to 104 degrees even if it is only 85 degrees outside, and over 120 degrees in 95-degree weather. With the mother’s permission, he safely broke the front car window so that the doors could be opened, and the baby rescued. Mom and child were reunited, and Emergency Responders were able to take over from there.

TMI is Serious About Safety in everything we do. TMI awarded this employee the TMI Hero Award in recognition of his quick thinking and service to the community. With California expecting continuous heat waves, this is a reminder that we all need to be heat conscious throughout the season.

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