Thursday, August 25th, 2022

INDUSTRY FEATURE: Construction Growth On The Rise This Summer

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The Construction Industry saw a dramatic increase in profit last month, largely attributed to a few key mega-projects, according to Dodge Construction Network.

Year to date, the Construction Industry production increased 10 percent more than the same time period last year. The Utility & Gas sectors specifically have been driving most of the recent mega-project growth. Infrastructure projects designed to reinvigorate local communities are projected to grow steadily -- with highways, bridges and other public works projects increasing 16 percent higher than last year. With over $31 billion in federal funding for these specific projects alone construction industry is expected to see a continued uptick in the next several years.

As infrastructure projects begin to roll out, Traffic Management, Inc. (TMI®) is prepared to provide quality safety services to all current and future customers nationwide. TMI is Serious About Safety, and we are committed to keeping the communities we serve safe as we rebuild America’s infrastructure.

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