Thursday, June 24th, 2021

INDUSTRY FEATURE: Getting The Roads Back to Vision Zero Post-Pandemic

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How Proactive Traffic Management is Key to Reducing Major Road Incidents.

An international campaign to eliminate traffic injuries, Vision Zero is spreading throughout the U.S. to take active steps to increase safety on American roadways.

Despite driving decreasing by 13% nationwide in 2020, there were more accidents than anticipated, most of which was due to increased spread rates on the now less congested roads. Such jarring data goes unnoticed, though, because we have become desensitized to road violence. Promoting safe driving practices, especially during work zones, can save lives of both drivers and road workers.

When in work zones, drivers should remember to:
• Focus on driving rather than other tasks at hand
• Drive at a slower pace than usual to stay in control
• Stay vigilant and ready to respond to anything

By spreading awareness and integrating safe technologies into our driving routine, we will be able to put safer drivers on the road. Traffic Management, Inc. (TMI) utilizes GPS Technology to track company vehicles, ensuring safe driving throughout our entire fleet nationwide.When it comes to the work crews and communities we serve, TMI is Serious About Safety.

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