Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

Keeping Your Cool While Working This Summer

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Kicking Off The Season with Heat Safety

As we enter summer, the hottest and busiest season for the Construction Industry, it is crucial to maintain proper heat safety while on the job.

Take the time to educate your staff on proper heat safety tips and guidelines. Though sometimes it can be difficult to stay cool while working outdoors, all employees should avoid exposure to extreme heat, sun exposure, and high humidity as much as possible.

When these types exposures cannot be avoided, workers should take the following steps to prevent heat stress:
• Wear light-colored, loose-fitting clothing made from breathable fabric, like cotton
• Gradually build up to heavy work. Schedule heavy work during the coolest parts of the day
• Take more breaks in extreme heat and humidity. Take breaks in the shade or a cool area
• Drink water frequently -- approximately 8 oz every 15 minutes
• Avoid any beverages with large amounts of caffeine or sugar
• Monitor your physical condition, and that of your coworkers, for signs of heat illness

At Traffic Management, Inc (TMI®) we are Serious About Safety, and Summer heat safety is no different. By providing all our employees with knowledge and resources -- such as heat illness awareness training, heat index calculators, water consumption guidelines, suggestions for shade options, reusable water bottles, cooling towels, sunblock, electrolyte packets and more -- we can promote safety during the heat of summer, and all year round!

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