Space Shuttle Endeavor

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The Challenge:

The now-famous 12-mile final journey of Space Shuttle Endeavour, from LAX Airport to California Science Center.


2,400 man hours. 400 TMI personnel. For a job of this scale, the extensive training received by TMI employees contributes to the company’s high level of expertise.


More than five weeks of planning. Continual changes and last-minute decision-making between TMI and 15 agencies and companies. Endeavour’s route was meticulously measured by TMI, and each move was carefully choreographed, diverting traffic through the shuttle’s Los Angeles journey. In multiple locations, there were only inches of clearance for the shuttle’s wide wings, meaning many street light standards and traffic signals were temporarily removed as the shuttle passed through. TMI was always ready and able.

Final Outcome

A massive success. Safety is TMI’s priority, and the fact that nobody was hurt was a triumph in and of itself. This event brought together multiple companies and government agencies, thousands of civilians, and one 170,000-pound spaceship, and came off without a hitch is a testament to TMI’s ability to work together in tight timelines and unforeseen situations.

TMI had not been asked to provide significant pedestrian control, but due to the city’s surprise at the thousands of onlookers who showed up to view the space shuttle motoring past, TMI sprang into action. People were crammed together tighter than a rock concert, and no one was injured.


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