Thursday, July 23rd, 2020

INDUSTRY FEATURE: It’s All About Communication

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For any organization to be efficient, productive and safe, communication is the key.

Maintaining consistent communication with employees, both in the office and the field, not only provides continuity, but also affords workers a sense of security and a clear direction in their duties.

This is especially important when employees work in remote locations. Employers are responsible for protecting their people and communication systems that will reach them, be they single or in crews, is essential. In the event of an emergency, employees need to rest assured that they can contact proper responders and need to be trained in how to do so.

It is much more than simply staying in touch. From basic walkie-talkies, to the present day, technology continues to serve an increasingly greater role.

Internal systems that monitor the location of field personnel (especially those working alone) as well as the condition of equipment, i.e. vehicles and ancillary gear, not only save wear and tear but also assure workers that they are tethered to their “home base,” so they can take the field with a solid and safe foundation from which to work as well as equipment that is well-maintained.

The same holds true for the people themselves. Communicating to employees and enforcing the need for proper attire, hydration, sufficient breaks to re-nourish (especially during emergencies when working extended hours outside in all kinds of environments) is vital.

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