Operations Manager – Chicago


The Operations Manager, you will have a direct support role to the Area Manager and many of the functions of that position

How do I apply?
Apply through our website at www.trafficmanagement.com. Click Careers on the top of the page and apply for the position you are most interested in.
Is experience required? What training do you provide?
No experience required, we offer on the job training! All Traffic Controllers go through a 4-day training program with our Training Safety Supervisors on complete Traffic Control training.
What are the hours?
For traffic controllers, it is a standby/ on call position, from Monday-Friday (6:30am – 4:30pm) year round. Some weeks are 40+ hours, while other weeks are less.
Why do I need a valid driver’s license?
Traffic Controllers drive company vehicles to different job sites. All employees must be insurable per our company’s insurance policy.